Ultimate Fighter Ben Saunders – “We manipulate the exact opposite of the chiropractors. We’re trained to manipulate joints to get someone to tap, these guys do the exact opposite and are trained to manipulate the body back to its original form.  I feel revitalized when I’m done with a treatment.  ”


Dr. Baldasare and Dr. Rudoni specialize in high performance athletes and related injuries.  They focus on the premise the body aligned physically, chemically and emotionally is in its highest state of performance.  


“As a professional MMA fighter it’s important for me to be in my best shape.  I can’t just let anybody work on me. I want the best doctors, trainers and coaches.  These guys do a phenominal job.”



As a former professional athlete and now full time dad, I appreciate finding a doctor that was more focused on my over all well being rather than just my symptoms.  I was involved in a car accident and met Dr. Baldasare at a church function.  He and the entire staff at Affinity are unbelievable.  They are all friendly, they handled all my auto accident insurance and got me feeling great in no time.  I highly recommend Dr. Baldasare and the massage therapists, Sue & Nathalie, at Affinity.


Cedric Thomas